Smokers unaware of all the health risks

A doctor says cigarette packaging showing health conditions related to smoking should be updated.

Smoking has already been proven decades ago to have many negative effects on almost every organ of the human body. However, according to the new survey conducted by Cancer Council Victoria, data show that there are disturbing gaps in smokers’ awareness of cigarette-related health conditions. A high number of smokers remain unaware of the numerous health risks associated with smoking.

The harmful effects of smoking tobacco can either be short-term or long-term. Short-term smoking effects include frequent respiratory illness such as common colds, coughs, pneumonia and bronchitis. Second hand smokers can also get affected of asthma, lower respiratory infections and ear infections.

On the other hand, the long-term smoking effects are said to be extensive. The various numbers of diseases that are considered connected with smoking are cancer of the mouth, throat, lung cancer, kidney cancer, gastric cancer, bladder cancer, cervical cancer and the painful pancreatic cancer.

The Australian Government as well as the several private and government health organisations are building awareness about the said health effects of smoking to human health — they post ads via images, videos and prints about the negative effects to health of cigarettes. But unfortunately, there are still a high number of smokers who are unaware of all the possible diseases and health issues smoking tobacco can bring to them.

Can awareness to these harmful health effects encourage smokers to quit cigarettes? Many smokers here in Perth who are struggling to quit smoking. But the truth is, quitting smoking becomes easier if you are more than willing enough to do it; as long as you have the will power to do it, nothing is impossible.

When a person quits smoking, he or she might feel uncomfortable during the first week. But eventually, your body will overcome the side effects of smoking. And to help you become more determined to quit smoking, you should know the other health issues smoking can bring.

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